Hermon Middle School Science


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Potential and Kinetic Energy Explained

Energy Forms and Changes MEA Science Vocabulary

Force and Motion Test for University

                          Computer Science Post Survey

Chemistry Pre Survey for the University

What is a molecule Video

Molecule build site 1

Molecule build site 2

Molecule Shapes 1

Density on Line Lab

What is Energy Video

Bill Nye video on circulation

Kid Inventor Video

Bill Nye Nervous system video

Brain Facts - Interactive 3D Brain

Build an Atom



Invasive species Link

Maine Invasive species Link

Bio Diversity Video

Owl pellet dissection

Microscope Web Quest

Microscope Video 

Energy Skate Park

Understanding ecosystems

Motion Vocabulary

Forces and Motion simulation

All systems Go

Interactive sites for Human Body

Penicillin Video

Producing Penicillin

Genetics Video Link


RiSE Center Survey

Genes Video

Genetics Web Lab Directory

Genetics vocabulary

Monster creator   - Must use firefox for browser

Innovation nation link

Nervous System information

Bill Nye Respiration Video

Pre tests for Maine PSP

Vehicles-in-Motion: http://tinyurl.com/PBISVIM1617

Energy: http://tinyurl.com/PBISEnergy1617

Chemistry: http://tinyurl.com/


Science News

Visit the websites below to read and learn about current science news

  1. Newsela

  2. Discovery Channel

  3. EurekAlert

  4. New York Times - Science Section

  5. Science News for Kids

  6. Scientific American

  7. Paper airplane models with videos

  8. Another cool site for paper airplanes

Mystery Animal


Bill Nye Genes

Bill Nye Cloning

Educational videos on Genetics

Clone a Mouse

Energy Skate Park

MIDDLE SCHOOL survey: https://umaine.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_5C5trE2gTzB7mrX

Density Lab

Electricity Terms

LaunchBall science game

Rube Goldburg Interactives

Rube Goldburg machine 1

Water rocket simulation

Water rocket construction

Water rocket Simulation NASA

Bill Nye GMOs

Energy forms and changes

Roller Coaster Creator

Bill Nye Nuclear Energy

How we get electricity from coal

Biomass Video

Energy Sources

Paper Rollercoaster information

Circuit Construction Kit

Understanding Electricity

Volts and Amps

Kurzgesagt: GMOS Good or Bad


Dog Breeding

Zoo Matchmaker


Amoeba Sisters: Incomplete Dominance

Amoeba Sisters: Monohybrids and Punnett Squares


Genetics game, for if they want to try out Punnett Squares:

Mystery Animal


Microscope labeling game

Multiple choice Microscope Quiz 1

Microscope Multiple choice Quiz 2

Microscope parts and function Quiz 3

Explore the Animal Cell game

Cell Craft Game

Cell Quiz 1

Cell Quiz 2

Biology 4 Kids

Cell Song

Cell Rap

Animal Cell Drawing

Plant Cell Drawing

Mitosis Video

Quizlet for Mitosis

Mitosis vs Meiosis Rap Battle

The Cell Cycle game

Cell organelle matching game

Glencoe Density Lab

PHet Density Lab

7 density labs

Density Song

Density Video

Organelle Test

Organelle Terms Study

Cells alive

Cell division video 1

Cell division video 2

Cell Division video 3

Cell Division Rap

Stop motion animation examples

Chemistry Experiment Ideas

Balancing Chemical Equations

On Line Equation Balancer ( to check answers only)

“Build An Atom” Simulation

Chemistry for Kids
Bill Nye Atoms Video

Build a Molecule simulation.

Counting atoms video

Rocket launch simulation

NASA Rocket Simulator

Water rocket information

Water Rocket Challenge Download ( Reading )

Water rocket science video (what is the science behind this)

National Geographic video on Water rockets

Understanding car crashes

Mitosis Vocabulary

Build A Cell

Build A Cell 2

Cell Game

Matching Game

Cell Structure Game

Biology Games

Cell Video

PBS Video on Cells

Build a food Web

Ocean Food Web Simulation

Model Ecosystems / Energy Flow

Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection

Animal Interaction terms Quizlets

National Geographic Link Animal Interactions

Symbiosis Video

Introduction to Biomes Video

Ecosystems and Biomes

Biomes of the world for the Biome map.

Biomes interactive

PSP post survey on Energy for 8th grade.

Natural Selection

Study Jams for Scientific Method

The Scientific Method Vocabulary

Microscope Web Quest

Microscope Parts

Microscope Video

Animal Information

Taxonomy Video

Instructions for making a Fortune Teller       

Five Classes of Vertebrates

Invertebrate Information - Group of  6

Microscope Quiz

Fresh water information Link

DNA from the Beginning’s Classical Genetics-

Genetics Labs

Build an Atom

Build a Molecule

Motion Vocabulary Quiz

Microscope Parts Quiz

Microscope web quest

Virtual Electron Microscope

Build a Coaster

Foss Coaster

Amusement Park Physics.

Motion Vocabulary Quiz

Microscope Parts Quiz

Science Poster templates

More Science Poster templates

Pico Science experiments using data loggers

Pasco data logger experiments

Climate Time Machine

Water cycle web Quest

Moon fact sheets

Element Fun

Test for Rockets

Energy Jeopardy

Energy on-Line Quizzes

Energy Millionaire Game

Dynamic Computer Wall

The Energy Story - Table of Contents

NASA Kids’ Club

Force Experiments

Cell Diagrams

Cells alive

The Why files -- Science behind the news

Cool science for kids

Microscope web quest

Climate Change Information

Don’t Drink the Water

Energy Web Quest

Trip to Mars

Mars Web Quest

Altitude Tracking for water rockets

Understanding Alcohol lessons

Phoenix Mars Mission

Chemistry links

Chemical Reactions

Maine Invents

Invention Forms

Genetics Vocabulary

Solar System Facts and Links

Solar System Model 1

Parts of a Microscope Quiz

Chemistry Terms           

Circuit Construction Lab

Energy Vocabulary Skateboard Energy Park

Cell Web Quest

Organelles Quiz

Solar System/gravity Lab

Popplet for Salmon Web Creation

Season simulation Lab

Clone a Mouse

Genetics Terms

Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms-